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Wicked Fusion party plans now available in the Sydney Metro region

We are proud to announce the commencement of party plans in the Sydney Metro region. A party plan allows you to sample various Wicked Fusion... Read more



Wicked BBQ Rub: A blend of spices to lift any meal. This rub is flavoursome with a touch of heat. Coat your meat in olive oil,... Read more

About Us

Like any mother, my love for my family has encouraged me to seek a means of giving them the best. In doing so, I always looked for foods that were free of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. Finding too few available I decided to make my own preserves. Originally making condiments for family and friends lead to frequent, positive feedback in an area I know and love. This motivated me to market my products locally, to satisfy a market area in need. In doing so I gained confidence and with ongoing repeat business Wicked Fusion grew… read more