Like any mother, my love for my family has encouraged me to seek a means of giving them the best. In doing so, I always looked for foods that were free of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. Finding too few available I decided to make my own preserves.

Originally making condiments for family and friends lead to frequent, positive feedback in an area I know and love. This motivated me to market my products locally, to satisfy a market area in need. In doing so I gained confidence and with ongoing repeat business Wicked Fusion grew.

My desire has always been to serve up delicious, but nutritious products using top quality fresh produce. The lifestyle of any average person in the current age is one of stress and limited time. Wicked Fusion aims to eliminate those aspects from your cooking by creating products that can help you plate up something with a bang, instead of something ordinary.

The public’s response from all around Australia was incredible as they sampled Wicked Fusion’s handmade, additive free products. This drove me to continue growing the business and our product range.

Some of our delicious recipes are listed on our website.