Wicked BBQ Rub: A blend of spices to lift any meal. This rub is flavoursome with a touch of heat. Coat your meat in olive oil, sprinkle with rub and BBQ, fry, grill or bake meat. Can also be used with savoury minces, baked potatoes, egg, sausage rolls, pies, casseroles, soups, rissoles or just added to bread crumbs.  


Moroccan Rub: This rub adds character to any dish, a special blend of spices creating the flavours of Morocco. Use in couscous, rice, pasta. Coat your meat with rub and BBQ, grill, bake or fry. It can be added to bread crumbs, egg, soup, casseroles, tagines, savoury minces, pies, sausages and potato.